Warranty Policy for STAVIX Meters
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Guarantee Period: 1 year warranty from the date of original shipment from factory.

Return & Repair Policy:
1. Returns will only be accepted if the item is damaged or faulty.   
2. Report to us or our authorized dealer  within 3 days of receiving the item, please also provide the serial number of your meter to us and we will determine if the equipment requires return, services, repair or calibration.
3. Pack the equipment in its original shipping material. Be sure to include a statement or report fully described the defect and the conditions under which it was observed.
4. Seller will bear the return-to-customer shipping costs for equipment under warranty if the item is found to be defective under proper use.
5. Any items returned for testing that are found to be in good working order, the customer will be liable for the cost of all postage incurred Postage costs are non returnable, the customer will bear the costs for sending items back.
6. Warranty is void if the product has been altered, opened, misused, or abused. Stavix Meters is not responsible for alterations, acts of God, shipping and handling or other factors not in the control of Stavix Meters.  
7. Changing any component and/or opening or modifying case will void the warranty. Availability of replacement parts and turnaround time for any repairs/replacement varies depending on the product. 

Out of Warranty:
1. If the warranty expires or products are misused, it will be declared void.  The seller or its authorised service center can provide product reqair, but the cost of replacement or repair will be beared by the customer. 
2. If it is found that the accessory of the product is defective when the product is out of warranty, the customer can buy accessory from our authorised dealer or our online shops.

Contact Information: Official service email: after-sales@gotechcn.com